We have to consider that working from home requires a comfortable and productive environment. With this in mind, they need to have a workplace where they can relax, be mobile and creative. Giving a gift to a mom who is working from home can be a challenge since there are lots of items that can be considered useful to them.

No matter how much your budget is, there is always a gift that you can give to a work from home mom. We have gathered some ideas that can be a perfect gift regardless of the occasion.

Neck massager

Anyone can use a massage, right? Not only does a massager make you feel great, but it can be one of the best items that you can give to someone working from home. It’s a health item that shows you care for them. Working from home usually means you have to sit for longer periods of time in front of your computer. This can give a person a sore neck and back. A neck massager would be good to help relieve the pain. Not only that, a massage on the neck can increase positive hormones and increase blood flow. The good thing about this item is that they can use it for a long time.

Water Bottle

We cannot stress enough the importance of keeping hydrated. Giving them a water bottle, especially a water bottle, will help them to stay hydrated. People who work from home tend to forget to drink enough water during the day, so a water bottle is an easy fix for that. 

Standing desk

People who work from home spend almost six hours a day sitting on average. This is not a good thing because extended sitting has negative effects and can lead to health problems such as obesity, diabetes and cancer. A standing desk may be a luxury, but it can be very beneficial to someone like a mom who works from home—standing while working can be easy with the help of a standing desk. Not only will they be able to get up, but they can also move. A standing desk encourages the person to stand and then move for a certain amount of time which can be helpful in promoting good health and wellness.


Using a timer during work can be helpful in keeping track of time and staying focused on certain tasks. A timer can help a person commit to a specific task, work on that task seriously and then have a break they deserve. Using timers will help them avoid work, goofing around or do something else that’s not necessary, then end up rushing to finish the project. When it comes to working, it is easy to be deceived that you have enough time left to do something or how much time it takes to finish a task at hand. However, if you really don’t pay attention to the time, you’ll be surprised at having not enough time to get the job done. But when you have a 60 minute timer at hand, you will be committed to giving your 100% to get it done.

Aside from the items that were mentioned above, there’s more you can give as gifts to work from home moms this 2021. We hope you found some unique ideas for the special person who is working remotely who likes to stay healthy and productive. When it comes to picking a gift, you should not only get anything, but you should also give it a careful thought as to how it can help that person in some ways. Most importantly, pick something that a work from home mom can use on a daily basis.